Trade Credit Insurance

Whenever your organization ships product prior to receiving payment, you risk losing money due to nonpayment. That can have a substantial negative impact on the accounts receivable portion of your balance sheet, and in some cases may even threaten your organization’s financial stability.

By protecting your organization against bad receivables, trade credit insurance from AGRisk can help you:

  • Develop new markets with confidence
  • Expand Sales by extending credit to existing and new clients
  • Protect against losses due to bad debt
  • Secure and enhance your borrowing power
  • Stabilize your cash flow and reduce risks of a catastrophic loss

Covered Risks

Trade credit insurance is a vital risk-management tool whenever you extend credit to customers, both in the U.S. and—especially—in foreign markets. Trade credit insurance from AGRisk can help protect your organization from:

  • Buyer Insolvency
  • Protracted Default (slow payment)
  • Political Risks, such as:
    • War/Civil Violence
    • Foreign Government Intervention
    • Sovereign Buyer
    • Contract Frustration